Hot new Loungewear brand in New Zealand

ISOTHELABEL recently launched in Auckland, New Zealand, with a solid offering in the Loungewear niche of ladies wear. These incredibly comfortable tracksuit tops and bottoms, leggings, hoodies and more are all made to order in Auckland, creating local employment and keeping the local economy ticking.

The range is made using great quality fabrics, and the fit is perfect - everyone who wears them comments on how well they fit and flatter the figure. They also rave about how they feel so good on the skin.. comfortable, warm and cozy!

Some of the styles available include:
Tracksuit tops and pants, leggings, cropped hoodies, oversized hoodies and sweater dresses.  
The ISO brand of loungewear features lighter weight garments too, like Bermuda shorts, sweat shorts, high waisted shorts and a sweater dress.

Loungewear is seeing a huge rise in popularity with the Covid pandemic confining us to our homes, allowing us to wear comfy clothing to work from home that still looks great in a zoom meeting, or for that quick trip to the supermarket!